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Geese on the Maigue



Ann Gaule lives in Meanus, County Limerick in the Irish Republic. After many years as a homemaker, Ann initially took up painting as a hobby, something she had enjoyed and had a flair for in her schooldays. She later then attended classes by artist Paul Quane where she got great encouragement.

Her work was so well received that Ann proceeded to convert an original outside cottage on her land into her own studio and Art-is-Ann gallery to display her work. She took up the challenge to turn her painting into a career and now paints professionally as a successful artist. Her paintings very skilfully capture the poetic beauty of the Irish countryside and add to it a gentle delicacy.


Her portfolio includes paintings of rural scenes, landscapes, historic Ireland and she has also painted interpretations of some of the 'Old Masters' including Vermeer, Breton, Wagner, Baptiste, Zampighi, Courbet and Gainsborough. Interpreting the work of the Great Masters has been a passion of hers for many years.

Ann has donated works and is an award winning artist. Her paintings have been exhibited throughout Ireland and she is an active committee member of the Limerick Art Society. Ann has built up a loyal and expanding client base and her paintings have been exported throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia and are, without doubt, a wonderful reminder and representation of this “green and pleasant land”.

Her preferred medium is oil on canvas in a variety of sizes.

Ann Gaule

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