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This painting is an interpretation of the Italian artist Eugenio Zampighi's 'Grandfather's Visit' circa 1859 - 1944. The artist was well known for his portrayal of domestic scenes at this time.

by EUGENIO ZAMPIGHI  1859-1944 

Eugenio Zampighni was an Italian painter who painted mainly genre subjects. At the young age of 13 he entered the local academy of design eventually becoming one of the most decorated students. When he was 20 years old he won a scholarship and spent 3 years in Rome. In 1884 he settled in Florence, he had begun to paint genre works that eventually placed him with the leading artists of Italy. As an artist he worked on a commission basis refusing to participate in official showings so much of his work entered private collections in England, America and Australia. He was awarded the degree of Professor by the Academy in Modena.

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