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This painting was by Peter Lely, circa 1618-1680 and depicts a young girl, Jane, bringing a basket of flowers to her mother and has a sweet feeling and tenderness about it. I was enchanted and captivated by this young girl in her blue dress and flowing silk scarf giving the impression of movement with her basket of blue flowers - a delightful picture to paint.

by PETER LELY  1618-1680

Peter Lely was a Dutchman born in Germany. He spent most of his working life in England. He lived through the Civil War and is inseparably linked with the restoration of the court of Charles II and it is through his eyes that we see it. One of his works “The Cotton Family – 1660) with the richness of colour that marks the work of his finest period. In the painting, The Cotton’s daughter, Jane who is bringing flowers to her mother, there is a feeling of simplicity and tenderness. Lely was knighted shortly before his death in 1680.

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