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This is an interpretation of a painting by Jean Baptiste Greuze, circa 1725 – 1805. 

It depicts a picture of a girl tenderly holding two pigeons in her hands touching nature with a soft look of content and pleasure.  I tried to capture this in her eyes and hands as best I could.  


Born in France in 1725, his parents were humble people who lived in a tiny house at Tournus. His father wanted him to become an architect – this did not happen so he took all materials from him then whipped him for making pictures all over walls (anywhere & everywhere)! Finally, the father gave in and sent him off to Lyons. His painting “Le Baiser Envoye” is now in London in the collection of Baron Alfred De Rothschild. “Innocence” is in the Wallace Collection in London. He had also great success with his numerous portraits. Just before he died he said to his friend Bartholemew “Goodbye – I shall expect you at my funeral you will be all alone there, like the poor man’s dog”. He died in poverty asking for an advance on a picture in a letter saying “I am 75 years old, I have nothing left but my talent and my courage”.

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