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This atmospheric painting is an interpretation of Johannes Vermeer's 'Lady and her Maid' 1667-1678. 

Vermeer is my favourite painter. I was drawn by the very dark background and then the burst of light coming through on the woman almost as though one could touch the fabric, the softness. The vibrant strong yellow of the dress illuminates from the dark room. I loved the challenge I took on in this picture trying most humbly to capture Vermeer ‘The Master of Light’.


Johannes Vermeer is today the most renowned Dutch painter of scenes of daily life. In his own times, however, he was one of several artists who excelled in capturing their everyday surroundings in exquisite detail. These painters were active in different cities in the Dutch Republic yet their work bears strong similarities in style, subject matter, composition and technique. They were inspired to surpass each other in technical ability and aesthetic appeal. This vibrant artistic rivalry contributed to the exceptionally high quality of their work.

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