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A study of Katherine MacCausland's Serving Dinner. This painting I liked right away.  I liked the full darkness of the room and the way the light through the window illuminating the figures, the simplicity in the serving of the  dinner (perhaps the family) with the  father in the dark shadow in the background.  Plain but beautiful. 


Born in Dublin in 1859. She was a painter in England in 1880 where she exhibited regularly at the RA London between 1886 and 1904. She moved to Paris and then to the Artist’s Colony of Grez-Sur-Grez, Pont Aven and Concarneau. Her work is still exhibited in town halls of Grez and Bouron-Martolle, several of her portraits are in private collections in Brittany and Grez. MacCausland’s work is all too scarce now but “Serving Dinner” is a vivid illustration of her talent and importance.

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