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This is my only painting of Master Raeburn, circa 1756-1823. The Children are in a pose under the tree which he painted on his return from Italy. Some critics have said that it had some influence by Michaelangelo. I challenged myself to capture the vibrant colours of the boys’ jackets and the girl’s chiffon white dress. To me it is a most charming portrait of children which I bravely attempted to paint.

by HENRY RAEBURN  1756-1823

Sir Henry Raeburn was a Scottish portrait painter. He served as portrait painter to King George IV in Scotland. Raeburn was elected a member of the Royal Academy in London in 1815, he was knighted by King George IV and given the post of His Majesty’s Limner in Scotland. He was guided by leading portrait artist David Martin. He went to London and met Sir Joshua Reynolds who advised him to study in Italy which he did for two years. He returned to Edinburgh in 1787 and set up a studio. His reputation spread beyond Edinburgh. He is considered the founder of the Scottish School of Painting.

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