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This painting is a rendition of Le Retuour A La Maison (Returning to His Home) by J.L.E. Meissonier in 1867 and is part of H.A. Robinson’s Collection. It captures a musketeer returning home after siege. Musketeer’s were thought of in high regard and were of high ranking in military groups. Their main status was to protect the hierarchy of their country, for which they would lay down their lives.

by ERNEST MEISSONIER circa 1815–1891

Ernest Meissonier was born in France. He was a painter in the classicist style and was famous for his depictions of military scenes. Meissonier was very successful in his lifetime, and was acclaimed both for his command of fine detail and diligent craftsmanship. The English art critic John Ruskin examined his work thoroughly, "marvelling at Meissonier's manual dexterity and eye for fascinating minutiae".

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