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An atmospheric painting based the original which was painted by Thomas Hovenden (circa 1840-1895). I noticed the light coming through the window resting on the girl and the old man, the hidden figure in the dark, the use of light and dark, the atmosphere, the focus and concentration of the old man and woman, listening and engrossed in the hunter’s story is of the hunt, with the hunter with his catch beside him giving his version of the exciting events of the day. This all captured my interest in this picture.

by THOMAS HOVENDEN  1840-1895

Born in Dunmanway, Co. Cork in 1840 and orphaned at the age of six during The Great Famine. Hovenden arrived in America at the end of the Civil War and rose to fame painting patriotic scenes in sympathy with the American version of Victorian values and later became known for his paintings of African Americans during the Abolitionist movement. Hovenden was one of the most respected academic painters of his time and is among one of Irelands’ greatest painters.

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