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The original painting is by Richard Thomas Moynan, an Irish painter and this was his painting of a Tug of War. I wanted to paint this picture because of the actions of the street urchins, barefooted and in clothes in  various states of disrepair,  wearing school caps tugging on a rope demonstrating how seriously they regard their task.  Life to me is like a Tug of War, you win some, you lose some, it can go either way – that’s why I painted this picture to test myself as to the outcome. 



Irish born artist Richard Thomas Moynan was born in 1856. He studied medicine but then attended the Metropolitan School of Art between 1883 to 1885. He trained at Antwerp Academy where he won First prize in painting from life. In 1882 he won RHA silver and bronze medals. Sadly, he would give way to the abuse of alcohol consumption which wrecked his career and health. Today his most sought after pictures depict the innocence of 19th Century domestic life, through the activities of children e.g. Tug of War.

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